Nice to meet you.

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.


I am a great believer in taking every opportunity to learn, every opportunity to teach and every opportunity to laugh. Coincidentally I am also a Video Game Designer.

What got me started in Games

I have always been fascinated by video game as a medium and after graduating from Keele University with a degree in Computer Science, I sought to expand my design and technical skills by completing a Master’s degree in Game Design in a simulated studio at Birmingham City University.

What I’ve been working on

I have worked on a number of games for my Master’s degree in a simulated studio environment. For my last project, I was the lead gameplay designer for Octopocalypse, a third person arena shooter. I have also worked with two separate teams to create Revolt, a first person shooter and Impossible Rescue, a isometric twin stick shooter where I acted as programmer and designer.

What I am passionate about

As a designer I find myself drawn to an eclectic range of hobbies and interests; I can frequently be found participating in pen & paper RPG campaigns with friends, modding some of my favourite games, practicing guitar, studying the castle building techniques of the Middle Ages, reading papers on the latest astrophysics discoveries, or simply trying to improve on a new bread recipe I just found.