Curtis Griffiths’ Game Design Portfolio

I am a Game Designer with a passion for creating immersive systems and powerful, compelling player experiences.

Who am I?

An astrophysics nerd who designs games

Game Design

I always strive to deliver the best possible user experience for my players: analysing trends, creating cohesive designs and directions, testing and iterating every step of the way.

While I focus on Gameplay Deisgn, during development I always endeavour to ensure I adhere to the teams creative vision with my work whether it be designs for gameplay, level, UI or UX, or when scripting and programming.

Team Work

One of the best aspects of working in game development is collaborating with a team of passionate individuals to create entertaining and compelling player experiences.

I enjoy working collegiately with others to generate ideas and see them turned into working features, working closely with artists, programmers and producers to ensure the creation of fun, quality working features in a timely manner.


During my free time, I like to challenge myself by creating small game components. I create level/gameplay designs as well as mechanics using both programming and scripting.

I also enjoy broadening my skills with animations, VFX, SFX and basic modeling/texturing to better understand the roles and responsibilities of team members I will be working with.


Octopocalypse is a goofy, chaotic, whacky, third person shooter set in a fish tank.

You are an anthropomorphized octopus fighting for survival in a fish tank filled with exploding pufferfish, overly angry seahorses and sentient rock formations that just want you to get off their gravel. Shoot pressurised water, manipulate time and air blast enemies to gain the upper hand as you scramble to claim your rightful place at the top of the aquatic food chain!


                              Gameplay Designer

                              UI/UX Designer

This project started in mid June and was completed in late August by a cross diciplinary team of 10 (1 Producers, 2 Designers, 3 Artists and 4 Programmers).


Revolt is a fast flowing, free running, high octane shooter set in an alternative history of the Cold War.

Play as Six, a prisoner held within a United Socialist Federation re-education centre in the heart of occupied Britain. Deftly free-run and powerfully destroy enemies as you fight through the facility, carving a path to freedom. Experience an intense crafted soundtrack amid unique brutalist architecture.


                              Gameplay Designer

                              UI/UX Designer

The project started in late January and completed in mid May by a cross diciplinary team of 16 (2 Producers, 3 Designers, 5 Artists and 6 Programmers).

Impossible Rescue

Sprint, Shoot, Slay your way to rescue the Daughter, defeating dangerous droids, utilising ultra-tech weaponry to achieve the impossible and escape before it’s too late.​


                              Level Designer

                              Gameplay Designer

                              Lead Implementation

                              UI/UX Designer

                              Narrative Designer

Impossible Rescue development ran from September to December. Created by a cross disciplinary team of five people at Birmingham City University. A fast-paced 3D top down twin stick shooter, featuring four levels and bullet-hell inspired combat. Impossible Rescue was created in Unreal Engine 4 solely using Blueprints.


Unending is a solo project I started to develop my skill set. I am using it to practice level/gameplay design as well as my programming and scripting skills.

I am also broadening my skills with animations, VFX, SFX, creating basic models and texturing to better understand the roles and responsibilities of the team members I will be working with.

Nice to meet you.

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.


I am a great believer in taking every opportunity to learn, every opportunity to teach and every opportunity to laugh. Coincidentally I am also a Video Game Designer.